Set Up

Econut realised that good infrastructure in villages lead to better procurement, aggregation, distribution and reduction in loss of farm produce along with generating employment opportunities in the region. The company has currently built two warehouse and a procurement centre which store & distribute dock farm equipments and other farm deliverables. Warehouses are equipped with electronic weighment facility. Company has a fleet of vehicles to carry out everyday operations. The vehicles are equipped with tanker which are rented to shareholder at subsidized price. Integrated approach is taken towards development of yield produced at farms to ensure good yields. We take best care of palms throughout the year, when the demand increase we take a systematic approach towards coconut gardens. Things we do : Famer/Shareholder Awareness Fertilizer supply Distribution of pheromone traps, neem cakes and other pest & disease control inputs Region specific distribution of high quality seedlings for new gardens Equipment and water supply throughout the year

Farmer Database

Econut has generated a comprehensive database for all of our current shareholders which contain details of their lands, coconut crops and other agriculture based practices. The database promotes an intergrated view of the farmers operations and activities which gives a clear view of the big picture. It has been easy to see how actions in one segment of the company affects the other. The organized database and access to it has made it possible to generate better quality information on which efficient and effective decisions are made.